This department creates products “tailored made” for distributors seeking exceptional cosmetics with the same quality and efficiency as those of SERP.

The company lends its expertise and manufacturing skills to French and foreign clients, for a production “MADE IN FRANCE”.


40 years of expertise in cosmetology available to you, for standard or « tailored made » formulas.

For example, we manufacture toners, serums, balms, oils, light or rich emulsions, powder masks (with seaweed or minerals)...

And our equipment can fill containers with liquids, pastes or powders, in the most varied forms:

Jar, tube, vial, spray, airless bottle, miniatures....

Our unique expertise and our equipment produce over:

• 200 tons per year of self-heating masks; one of our specialties,

• 10 tons per year of cooling masks,

• 1 million vials per year.

• We can fill 10 000 tubes each per day.


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